Awards and Acknowledgements

Future Leaders – 2020 Questions Prize Winner

erbacce press – 2019 erbacce-prize for poetry Finalist

Poetry Matters Project – The 2019 International Lit Prize Finalist

The Heartland Review – 2018 Joy Bale Boone Poetry Prize Finalist

Lane Cove Literary Awards 2017 Memoir Prize Finalist

Lane Cove Literary Awards 2017 The Burns Bay Bookery Youth Prize Winner

The 2017 Spring Robinson/Mahogany Red Lit Prize Winner

The Lane Cove Literary Awards 2016 Lane Cove Market Square Youth Prize Finalist


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Jabalna issue 1: “Grandmother” 2019

Poetry Diversified 2019: “Living In Syria After I said I’d Never Live In Syria”

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Lemon Theory : “Syria, No Not That Syria” 2019

1701 Press in issue 4 of is this up: “Eating Shawarma Tastes Different When I’m Single” 2018

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Lane Cove Literary Awards 2017: An Anthology: “Syria, No Not That Syria”

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